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Chinese hacking group undetected for a decade

The specialist IT cyber security firm FireEye released today the findings of an investigation into a China-based hacking group that has been working undetected for over a decade. The group has been named as ‘APT30’, short for ‘advanced persistent threat’, and has targeting Southeast Asia-based businesses and government departments in order to break into their networks and steal confidential documents. The group is suspected of working from within Chinese government intelligence. What is especially interesting is that the group is using high-sophisticated software designed to steal documents from computers disconnected from the internet (also known as an ‘air gap’) and moving the files to internet-connected computers so they can be uploaded back to the attackers. While this group represents the state of the art in cyber attacks, it is only a matter of time before cyber criminals copy these techniques and use them to target businesses for profit.

Read the fascinating report in full at FireEye:

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