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‘Internet of Things’ raises new cyber risks for businesses

Specialist computer security firm Veracode has warned businesses that new internet-linked devices like thermostats and security cameras often do not have security built-in, making it easier for hackers or cyber criminals to break into their IT systems or spy on their premises. Nicknamed the ‘Internet of Things’, the new generation of business products are linked to an internet connection, giving business owners the convinience of accessing them outside the network. However, Veracode has studied six popular devices used by businesses and consumers and found them vulnerable. For example, the Ubi light system, which allows users to turn off lights at premises remotely, can be used by criminals to work out when a premises is most likely to be empty and unguarded. They also discovered vulnerabilities that would allow a hacker to install spyware into installed devices. The report demonstrates how the potential benefits of new ways to connect businesses to IT systems also come with new risks.
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