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02March 0

Cyber insurance is evolving into a business necessity for both large and small businesses, as a way to prove to customers … Read more

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A study by the US-based Ponemon Institute released last month found that the average US company faced 138 cyber attacks per week, … Read more

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28January 0

According to Lloyds of London CEO Inga Beale last year the insurance industry took $2.5 Billion dollars (£1.65 Billion) in … Read more

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20January 0
Hacker and money

Online marketplaces have seen phenomenal growth in the last few year now a new type of marketplace is emerging, hackers for … Read more

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Sony SEO says Cyber Insurance Policy will cover losses

Posted by David on January 13, 2015 under Uncategorised

It must have been a tough few weeks for Michael Lyton CEO of Sony, he described the recent cyber attacks and subsequent fallout … Read more

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