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UK has world’s highest rate of cyber attacks via email

A recent report by anti-virus and IT security firm Symantec has found that the UK has the world’s highest rate of malicious email traffic designed to carry out cyber attacks on users and businesses. Detailed in their 2015 Internet Security Threat Report, Symantec found that in the year of 2014, 1 email in every 79 sent to UK businesses were designed to maliciously hack their IT systems. This represented a 61% increase from 2013 and a rate over twice as high as the nearest country, Saudi Arabia. Malicious emails can use social engineering or malware embedded in the message to trick administrators into handing over access to business data such as customer information or commercial accounts. The report clearly demonstrates the high level of risk posed to UK businesses, particularly those who do not have the IT resources to effectively screen malicious emails as well as spam. Without adequate protection and risk assessment, it is clear that the financial and operating risks to UK businesses are only increasing.

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