What is Cyber Insurance?
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Cyber risk is applicable to every size business
If your employees have been subject to a phishing scam — that’s a business issue. If you have had your customer records accessed illegally — that’s a business issue. Protect your business against cyber disruption today.
is the average business cost of a data breach
of SME’s do not have a dedicated IT department
of staff regularly use their own personal device for work related purposes

Key benefits to cyber insurance

SME's today work in a fast paced environment with technology playing a central role in accounting, online banking, taking payments, sending invoices and communications.

Don't get caught out by cyber criminals out to steal your data or install ransomware by compromising your business.


Peace of mind for you and your staff

A cyber security insurance policy compliments your own cyber security protocols and internal employee training for that cyber related eventuality you may not be able to legislate for.

Access to expert guidance or professionals

Get access to professional advisors with area expertise in all forms of cyber related incidents and let them guide you through any type of cyber related event.

Policies designed for Business

Cyber insurance specifically for business providing flexible policies designed around the range of coverage your business deserves.
Cyber insurance coverage and how much does it cost?
Pick from our broad range of specialist covers and tailor them to your business to get the exact protection you need. Change or cancel your subscription anytime from your online account.
per month
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Theft or Transfer of funds
Telephone Hacking
Theft of Digital Assets
System Failure
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Business Interruption
Cyber Extortion
PR & Reputation Recovery
Credit Monitoring Cost
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Breach Investigation
Hacker Damage
Legal cost of GDPR Investigation
Notifying clients of a breach
We protect all industries
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Frequently asked questions about Cyber Insurance for Business

Cyber insurance generally covers a business for any liabilities that may be connected to a data breach which may involve personally identifiable information such as payment card details of customers, bank account details of suppliers, health records or names and addresses.
If your business stores, exchanges or trades in any form of personally identifiable or business sensitive data then it will have a liability in the even a data breach occurs. Cloud based storage of data or password encryption is a first line of defence against data breaches, however cyber insurance provides cover post a breach event where a business may incur 3rd party claims for damages.
Cyber insurance, also known as cyber liability insurance, is an insurance policy which protects a business against the eventualities of a malicious data breach. Cyber criminals are actively targeting small businesses which can be in the form of ransomware or social engineering to divert payments to bank accounts controlled by cyber criminals themselves. A policy will look to minimise business interruption and limit GDPR fines with legal support included.
Cyber insurance policies do not include cover regulatory fines, although costs associated with presenting your case will be. There is no coverage for software or hardware upgrades post a cyber breach, loos of future profits and you must check with your specific provider on their handling of Intellectual Property claims.
Cyber insurance policies are relatively inexpensive compared to the average cost of a cyber breach a business is potentially exposed to. Gaining access to professional advisors, covering legal expenses and defeding claims against 3rd parties can get expensive. Policies start at £9/ month and are uncapped depending on the level of cover required.
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