About Cyberinsurance.co.uk

We searched for a dedicated resource to help us explore, understand and insure against our cyber risks. We didn’t find one so we built one for the UK SME market.

Managing risks is part of every entrepreneur’s journey and today we live in a technology-driven world that dictates a natural evolution in the types of risks businesses face. In an ever-connected world, crime too, is evolving along with the tools and practices used with the specific purpose of disrupting, extorting and compromising business systems.

If you do any of the following you have an insurable cyber risk; know about cyber insurance.

  • Accept payments online.
  • Process invoices via email.
  • Store documentation with sensitive data.
  • Process personally identifiable information.
  • Receive bank details on supplier invoices for payment.
  • Allow working from home through a virtual private network.

Our aim is to break down cyber insurance into its specific components and make it easier for business owners, decision-makers and management teams to understand the risks involved in cyber and how insurance policy works to transfer that risk.

Risks evolve over time as will the protocols we put in place to defend against such risks and it is our aim to bring our users the information they need to understand everything there is to know about cyber insurance.

Why Cyberinsurance.co.uk?

  • Get to know more about cyber risk.
  • Know which risks are applicable to your business.
  • Get to grips with what happens when you find out you have been breached.
  • Weave cybersecurity best practices into your day to day.
  • Get access to cyber tools to help your employees be more secure.

We are a free resource for our users to learn about all the elements of cyber insurance. Yes, we offer a quote function for our users, you may decide to use an existing relationship with your broker or already have a policy in place and that’s fine.

Where to find us?

Cyberinsurance.co.uk is a trading name of Funding Street Limited (“Funding Street”) which is a company registered in England and Wales. Our registered office address is 49 Greek Street, London, W1D 4EG.

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