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About Dual Commercial

Dual Commercial is part of the wider Dual Group, known as Dual. Together, Dual, Howden and RKH Specialty and Reinsurance make up Hyperion Insurance Group.

Howden and RKH Specialty are the broking divisions of Hyperion, while Dual is the underwriting division. Hyperion ensures a ‘people first’ approach is embedded into everything it does.

Operating in 16 countries and with over 6,500 intermediaries, Dual is the world’s largest international underwriting agency, and Lloyd’s largest international coverholder.

Dual’s ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ drives its vision ‘to be the world’s best underwriting business’.

Dual Commercial’s cyber insurance in detail

Dual has created comprehensive cover for the most vulnerable small to medium sized companies, who without it, wouldn’t have recovered from a cyber breach.

It offers first and third party cover for a wide range of business types.

The main things you’re covered for on a Dual policy include:

  • Business interruption losses: following a cyber data breach.
  • Cyber extortion costs: This covers expenses to mitigate any real threat of a business interruption or network security event.
  • Credit monitoring costs: including monitoring services for identity or credit theft for 12 months from the date of a data liability, network security or business interruption event.
  • Data restoration costs: This covers reasonable costs to restore or replace data that’s been lost or damaged.
  • Defence costs: relating to settling or appealing a claim, including solicitors fees.
  • Forensic costs: This covers any investigations relating to a cyber breach event.
  • Legal representation expenses: including legal advice relating to an investigation following a cyber breach event.
  • Social engineering losses: following a social engineering attack. Losses to your own bank account are covered but not your clients.

Here are some of the cover exclusions:

  • Death or bodily injuries
  • Loss of or damage to your physical property (not data)
  • Losses resulting from facts you knew about before your policy started
  • Losses from intentional, criminal or fraudulent acts by any partner or director
  • Costs arising from a failure or outage, disruption of power, utility services, satellites or external telecommunications that aren’t under your control
  • Losses arising from bankruptcy, liquidation or insolvency
  • Losses resulting from an electromagnetic field, radiation or electromagnetism
  • Asbestos related loss, injury or damage

These lists are not exhaustive, you should check the policy wording document for the full cover details, exclusions and definitions.

The Pros

  • Policies are tailored to different industry sectors
  • £20,000 cover against social engineering losses
  • Comprehensive cover small business program with a simple online rating platform
  • Excess levels vary in relation to the premium and cover limits

The Cons

  • No online quote tool, you must go through a broker
  • Cyber policies account for a very small percentage of what Dual underwrites

Which sectors can Dual Commercial cover?

Dual’s cyber cover is suitable for a wide range of sectors, some of these include:

  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Technology
  • Professional Services
  • Construction
  • Financial
  • Hotels and Leisure
  • Manufacturing
  • Real Estate

Cover levels and policy features have been tailored to address the main vulnerabilities each industry faces.

If you require additional cover for your business, for example increasing the limit on social engineering, this can be arranged.

Get a quote

Dual’s cyber insurance is offered via brokers and intermediaries and you can get a quote directly through them.

Alternatively, you can fill out a few details on our online quote tool and we’ll start the quote process for you.

How to make a claim

Soon after a cyber breach occurs, you should inform the Cyber & Privacy Incident Response Manager, by phone, email or in writing:

UK +44 (0) 333 305 8045

USA / Worldwide 1 844 502 9237


Charles Taylor

Head Office

The Minster Building

21 Mincing Lane London, EC3R 7AG

You must provide all the information requested relating to your claim, at your expense. Any settlement of a claim must first be agreed by Dual in writing.

What support is available?

A cyber insurance policy with Dual gives you access to crisis management following a breach.

This can include resources such as public relations to help limit reputational damage, IT forensics and legal assistance.

This professional and specialist support network can help to minimise the impact to your business.

Your commitments

There are several assumptions that Dual makes about the way your business operates, including standards and practices that you must provide honest answers for.

Some of these include whether you:

  • Run firewalls and anti-virus software across your network
  • Encrypt all portable media, including phones, tablets and USB memory sticks
  • Have recovery or continuity plans to avoid business interruption due to network failure, and test your plans regularly
  • Outsource any part of your network
  • Validate new supplier accounts
  • Ensure transactions over £10,000 are authorised by a senior member of staff
  • Provide awareness training for staff about social engineering
  • Regularly review access and administration rights of employees, and remove access when an employee leaves

You must also declare any incidents or actions you’ve taken in the last 12 months that could result in a future claim. Some of the statements to respond to include whether you have:

  • Experienced any unplanned or unintentional network outage, intrusion, corruption or  data loss
  • Become aware of any privacy breaches or compromise of Personally Identifiable Information
  • Had to notify any customers that their information may have been compromised
  • Become aware of any incident that could lead to you making a claim against this policy

You could invalidate a claim if you don’t answer all the questions honestly, or fail to declare information that later leads to a claim.

Dual Commercial’s features at a glance

Cancellation termsAt any time giving 14 days written notice*
Industry sectorsBroad range
QuotesAvailable via a broker
Excess levelVaries depending on premium
Support includedCrisis management
FlexibilityAdditional cover can be added
Social engineering£20,000 cover
Business interruption losses waiting period6 hours

*Once the policy term has started, you will lose at least 25% of the premium cost.

Dual Commercial’s credibility

Achieving recognition as the world’s largest international underwriting agency is no mean feat but Dual are striving to be the best too. It has tapped into a successful formula that combines global distribution through its platform with local knowledge.

Dual prides itself on being a specialist underwriting business that matches the right products to people all across the world. Its high standards start with its people and feed into the products they create, which results in a highly successful organisation.

Dual values its partnerships, and its reputation has helped to attract some of the best capacity providers in their field. Maintaining its focus on delivering exceptional underwriting from expert knowledge makes Dual a force to be reckoned with.

By recognising that different industries have slightly different needs when it comes to cyber cover, Dual has created a set of tailored policies. This highlights the extra lengths it will go to for its customers by fully meeting their needs.

Dual Commercial’s FAQ’s

What excess do I have to pay if I make a claim?

The excess level varies depending on the premium you choose and the level of protection you require. The higher the indemnity limit, the higher the excess.

Is the Dual policy cover fixed or can I add additional cover?

If the levels of cover included aren’t suitable for your business, you can get them increased for an additional cost.

Also, if there’s a particular cover you need that isn’t listed, this can often be added, so just ask.

How do I know that the cover will be suitable for my business?

Dual offers cover that’s tailored to each of the main industry sectors. This approach means you’re more likely to have the level of cover included that you need.

However, you should always read the policy wording document and your schedule in full to check you’re completely happy.

How do I cancel my policy?

You can cancel at any time giving at least 14 days notice.

Once the policy has started, you’ll lose 25% of what you paid. You’ill then be refunded for any remaining term due (pro rata).

Is there anything I’m not covered for on a Dual policy?

Yes, all exclusions are detailed in the policy wording so as well as checking what is covered, you should also check for what isn’t and make sure you’re comfortable with this.

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