9 Cyber Risks and Why a Cyber Insurance Policy Can Protect Your Business Against Cyber Threats

The digital age has seen entirely range of risks emerge that puts business and business owners at risk from cyber criminals.

What is data breach insurance?

A data breach could cost your business thousands or even millions of pounds in lost revenue, reputational damage and fines. Data breach insurance protects you against these risks, here’s a closer look at what it does.

What does cyber insurance cover?

Cyber insurance can offer vital financial protection against a growing number of online threats. Here’s a detailed look at what cyber insurance covers and how it could protect your business.

How much does cyber insurance cost?

A good cyber liability policy could save your business thousands if you’re hacked or have a data breach. Here we examine how much a good policy costs and how to make it cheaper without compromising your cover.

How good is Hiscox cyber insurance?

Hiscox are a leading provider of cyber insurance in the UK. We take an independent look at what they offer and how it stacks up to the competition.

Cyber security and data breach prevention

Over £190,000 is stolen through cyber-crime every day so protecting your business from online crime is crucial. Here’s how to reduce the risk of a data breach with effective cyber security measures.

Cyber insurance buying guide for SME’s



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